ARGUS Tri-axial wireless vibration analyzer brings a new dimension to the world of predictive maintenance to easily diagnose the health of motors and any connected driven assets like pumps, fans, compressors, etc. It enables easy condition monitoring of rotary machines and detects faults well before equipment failure. ARGUS reduces maintenance costs and increases asset lifespan.

The super-compact, IP65 rated vibration sensor provides reliable data for continuous monitoring and remote diagnostics. This portable sensor simultaneously measures vibration in three directions and is used as both a Single-axial sensor & a Tri-axial sensor. The dedicated ARGUS app allows you to view and store the RMS values of Velocity & Acceleration, Time waveform, Velocity & Acceleration FFT spectrums on the smartphone. ARGUS can be mounted in any environment using a magnet, adhesive & stud.


    SANDS Argus can help you monitor machine health
    Increase machine lifespan

    Early diagnosis eliminates problem severity which in turn enhances machine lifespan

    50% reduction in maintenance cost

    Predict & rectify the faults early to lower the undesired maintenance cost.

    40% reduction in unplanned downtime

    Reduce machine downtime and increase the productivity.

    Industries We Serve
    Case Studies

    Petro Chemical Plant / Blower & Centrifuge

    ARGUS 24/7 continuous monitoring enhanced RUL of blower and centrifuge, it increases 20% of production rate. By using ARUGS we found resonance defect in centrifuge while it running critical speeds, this will be useful to maintain speed and vibration levels in both blower and centrifuge. predominantly it reduced spare part costs and unplanned down times.

    Power Plant / ID & FD Fans

    Induced & Forced Draught fans majorly affected unbalanced rotating masses on fans. ARGUS helps to predict and update the status of machines will bring maintenance schedules of plants and eventually decrease catastrophic breakdowns of fans. After adopting ARGUS continuous monitoring, power plant achieved 50% reduction in maintenance costs and 40% enhanced RUL of fans.

    Chiller Plant / Centrifugal Pumps & AHU Blowers

    Chiller plant power consumption decreased by 50% after diagnosing defects in AHU’s & Pumps. major IT industry we found paying crores of amount in power consumption with their utility. Then SANDS vibration audit was conducted using ARGUS analyzer and found a lot of equipment running with mechanical defects like, structural looseness, belt eccentricity & bearing defects.


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    Everest Industries

    SANDS Argus helped us a lot in maintaining our equipment health. A detailed report consisting of vibration data, possible faults & suitable recommendations was given by the Sands experts. Based on the report, we rectified the faults in our equipment, significantly increased our machine uptime and reduced maintenance cost.

    L&T Eden Park

    With the help of the Argus sensor, we were able to minimize the vibration level of our blowers and also reduced annual maintenance cost and electricity consumption by 30%.

    Predictive Maintenance
    31 Jan: Predictive maintenance is the current trend.

    Predictive maintenance is a proactive method that employs condition monitoring technologies to track asset health and identify potential defects in real-time. It assists in predicting when maintenance is required to minimize equipment downtime and associated expenses.