ARGUS Tri-axial wireless vibration analyzer brings a new dimension to the world of predictive maintenance to easily diagnose the health of motors and any connected driven assets like pumps, fans, compressors, etc. It enables easy condition monitoring of rotary machines and detects faults well before equipment failure. ARGUS reduces maintenance costs and increases asset lifespan.

The super-compact, IP65 rated vibration sensor provides reliable data for continuous monitoring and remote diagnostics. This portable sensor simultaneously measures vibration in three directions and is used as both a Single-axial sensor & a Tri-axial sensor. The dedicated ARGUS app allows you to view and store the RMS values of Velocity & Acceleration, Time waveform, Velocity & Acceleration FFT spectrums on the smartphone. ARGUS can be mounted in any environment using a magnet, adhesive & stud.

vibration analyzer


vibration analyzer





Machine Condition Monitoring


Machine Vibration Analysis
Machine health monitoring


Early diagnosis eliminates problem severity which in turn enhances machine lifespan

Reduce maintenance cost


Predict & rectify the faults early to lower the undesired maintenance cost.

Increase the productivity


Reduce machine downtime and increase the productivity.




Automotive Engine Parts Manufacturers - Vibration analyser case_studies

Automotive Engine Parts Manufacturers

A leading manufacturer of automotive engine parts for the leading automobile manufacturer had a requirement to monitor the health of their high speed spindles and to enhance the spindle bearing reliability by performing timely corrective measures. The company has a diverse variant of precise finish spindles to manufacture niche automotive products. In addition, they have varied spindle speeds for machining the product. There has been a history of early spindle bearing failure resulting in high cost machine tool replacements, Lot rejections, etc. Know More

AUTOMOTIVE – HIGH SPEED SPINDLE - Vibration analyser case_studies


For more than half a century experienced a large automotive industry supplier used SANDS ARGUS vibration monitoring for their legacy types of equipment which would have high cost & maintenance including machining centers, turning spindles, and utility machines to increase the remaining useful life. Measuring and monitoring high speed spindle conditions has become highly important because of the agile production and increased requirements for product accuracy. Know More

Power Plant / ID & FD Fans - Vibration analyser case_studies

Power Plant / ID & FD Fans

Induced & Forced Draught fans majorly affected unbalanced rotating masses on fans. ARGUS helps to predict and update the status of machines critically.it will bring maintenance schedules of plants and eventually decrease catastrophic breakdowns of fans. After adopting ARGUS continuous monitoring, the power plant achieved 50% reduction in maintenance costs and 40% enhanced RUL of fans. Know More

Chiller Plant / Centrifugal Pumps & AHU Blowers - Vibration analyser case_studies

Chiller Plant / Centrifugal Pumps & AHU Blowers

Chiller plant power consumption decreased by 50% after diagnosing defects in AHU’s & Pumps. major IT industry we found paying crores of the amount in power consumption with their utility. Then SANDS vibration audit was conducted using ARGUS analyzer and found a lot of equipment running with mechanical defects like structural looseness, belt eccentricity & bearing defects. Know More

Petro Chemical Plant / Blower & Centrifuge - Vibration analyser case_studies

Petro Chemical Plant / Blower & Centrifuge

ARGUS 24/7 continuous monitoring enhanced RUL of blower and centrifuge, it increases 20% of production rate. By using ARUGS we found a resonance defect in the centrifuge while it running at critical speeds, this will be useful to maintain speed and vibration levels in both blower and centrifuge. predominantly it reduced spare part costs and unplanned downtimes. Know More


Hear what our happy customers have to say about our product & service.

Everest Industries

SANDS Argus helped us a lot in maintaining our equipment health. A detailed report consisting of vibration data, possible faults & suitable recommendations was given by the Sands experts. Based on the report, we rectified the faults in our equipment, significantly increased our machine uptime and reduced maintenance cost.


L&T Eden Park

With the help of the Argus sensor, we were able to minimize the vibration level of our blowers and also reduced annual maintenance cost and electricity consumption by 30%.



ARGUS has been deployed in our plant for around a year and we are monitoring the vibration trend and health of around 30 spindles. ARGUS provides route-based data acquisition, historical trending, AI&ML machine health status and bearing anomaly detections, resulting in decreased plant maintenance costs.




  • What is predictive maintenance?

Predictive maintenance is a proactive strategy that uses data analysis to predict equipment failures, by installing sensors and monitoring various signal patterns at different points in the equipment. Initially, the health status of the equipment is ascertained, and based on the present health status and the trend towards failure, the safe operation period is determined. By estimating the likely time by which the equipment will reach to the severe status, the maintenance can be scheduled at the optimal time before failure occurs. This reduces the operational and the downtime costs, and thereby increasing the reliability.

  • How do I use ARGUS portable vibration analyzer?

ARGUS is a handy, light-weight, and easy-to-use portable wireless vibration analyzer. One can use Argus for on-the-spot analysis – quick collect option - by keeping the sensor at the bearing or any other point, connect it to the mobile-app and view acceleration, velocity and displacement parameters instantly. Argus provides immediate health status as Normal or Marginal or Critical. Experienced users can view the time and frequency plots and diagnose the nature of the fault at the equipment itself. If the faults and the corrective procedures are simple like loose-foundation or less-lubrication, then corrective actions can be initiated and checked if the fault levels have reduced or not.

  • What is machine condition monitoring?

Machine condition monitoring is the continuous assessment of machinery health to detect faults early; much before the fault results in failure of the machine. This involves techniques like vibration analysis, current signature analysis, acoustic signature analysis and thermal imaging to collect real-time data, and interpreting the data using ML and AI based analytic tools. The benefits of machine condition monitoring include increased reliability and availability of the machine at reduced maintenance costs. Further, this process aids in advance maintenance planning resulting in extending the lifespan of the machine.

  • Is there a limit to the number of assets I can connect to the app or measure with one sensor?

No. The user can monitor an unlimited number of assets with one ARGUS portable vibration analyzer. The data of all the assets is stored in the mobile and can be viewed or dumped to a PC or cloud by the user.

  • What is the data communication technology for ARGUS?

Portable version of ARGUS uses Bluetooth communication between the sensor and the mobile. The online version ARGUS sends the data from the sensor to the cloud using WiFi communication.

  • What devices/ operating systems are supported by ARGUS vibration analyzer?

The ARGUS mobile app works well with android version 10 and above, and is compatible with all makes of smart phones and tablets. The ARGUS apk file for the mobile app is distributed through official mail release by the technical support team of SANDS.

  • Can I monitor the structural vibrations with ARGUS portable vibration analyzer?

Yes. The ARGUS portable vibration analyzer can be used for wide range of applications, including high frequency bearing vibrations and low frequency structural vibrations. Further, specific components in the vibration signature can be monitored by selecting a suitable configuration like window function, sampling frequency and acceleration dynamic range. All configuration parameters can be set from the mobile app itself at the site.

  • Are you providing product DEMO for ARGUS vibration analyzer?

Yes, we provide both online and offline demo for ARGUS. We also undertake proof of concept (PoC) demonstration if the customer wishes to see the operation for extended period of time prior to finalizing the solution.

  • The magnet base will not stick to my asset. What can I do?

We provide two solutions for non-magnetic surfaces / assets. The first and the easy option is to fix a magnetic / steel mounting pad by epoxy. We also provide adjustable round clips which can be wrapped around the asset, for example aluminum cast motor casings of diameter less than 6 inches. The last option is to hold the sensor by hand, as carried out in the traditional method for single axis portable analyzers.

  • What is the warranty for the ARGUS?

The ARGUS sensor comes with a one-year warranty covering manufacturing defects. Additional periods of warranty can be provided on request.

  • Does ARGUS vibration analyzer have battery?

Yes, the ARGUS portable smart vibration analyzer comes with high capacity Lithium Polymer battery, capable of giving 10 hours of continuous usage. This battery can be charged within 60 minutes.

  • What should I need to know about sensor calibration?

Each ARGUS sensor is accompanied by a calibration certificate with a validity of two years. However, on special request recalibration can be carried out free of charge, within the two-year period.

  • Where can we see the collected vibration data?

Portable vibration analyzers store the data in the mobile memory, and the same can be viewed in the Log menu. In case of on-line vibration analyzer, the data is stored in the cloud, and the same can be viewed using the secured login credentials.