Energy meter time Synchronization through GPS TIME SERVER

All stakeholders in the power sector, especially generators/consumers are very concerned about Deviation Settlement Mechanism (DSM). The energy meter is the most important component which accounts for the revenue that’s being transacted. Energy management and its time drift are a major concern. By synchronising the meters with a  GPS timing device, the errors related to energy accounting can be drastically under control.

The energy meter’s clock controls the time stamp for metering parameters, such as demand intervals, and TOD billing measurement aggregation over time intervals. Adjustments to the clock are made by synchronizing the meter’s time with an accurate time source. Time synchronization messages can be automatically generated and sent to energy meters from GPS as SNTP/NTP server, PTP Master or GPS receiver.


GPS time synchronization unit – DRM-1010 is a compact DIN rail mountable unit that synchronizes and maintains the timing and frequency requirement of power and process industry equipment using a signal obtained from different external sources such as GPS and GLONASS. GPS Time synchronization unit – DRM-1010 is a cost-effective solution for time synchronization. It provides nanosecond accuracy when external time references are not available. It has a storage facility to store the system log file. It delivers NTP, SNTP, IRIG-B, PFC-Pulse, RS232 & RS485 outputs. The system allows configuration and monitoring through a Web-based application. It supports a wide range of power supply input either 90V-260V AC/DC or 18-36VDC or 36V-72VDC.

NTP Time Server - DIN RAIL