GPS NTP Time Server for Network Time Synchronization – NTP Time Server ( SYNTIME ) is a highly accurate time server. It generates NTP v2 (RFC 1119), NTP v3 (RFC 1305), NTP v4 (RFC 5905) SNTP v3 (RFC 1769), SNTP v4 (RFC 4330) to synchronize NTP/SNTP clients over the network which supports IPv4 internet protocol, at the speed of 10/100Mbps. It accepts the time and frequency signals from any one of the sources like GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and IRIG-B. It achieves nanoseconds accuracy and its operates at stratum becomes 1 when synchronized with time sources. It is a sleek 1U height and 19” rack mountable unit which synchronizes and maintains the timing of power and process industry equipment. It supports unicast, broadcast and multicast methods based on selection. Optionally, it has the ability to provide IEEE 1588 (PTP V2) output along with NTP at the speed of 10/100/1000Mbps. Apart from time synchronisation protocols, optionally it supports MD5 (Security key), SNMP (V1, V2.c and V3), PRP, SSH, HTTP (Configuration), IPv6 (Internet protocol), TELNET, FTP, SYSLOG and DHCP. It supports a wide range of power supply either 90V-260V AC/DC or 18-36VDC or 36V-72VDC.


  • GPS Satellite Time reference for the System
  • Provides optional TCXO/OCXO stability
  • Cable delay compensation available
  • Field configurable pulse outputs
  • 10/100MBps PTP, NTPand SNTP Ethernet time outputs
  • Provides IRIG-B AM and TTL time signals
  • 048MHz E1 frequency output
  • MODBUS output over RS485/RS232
  • Fiber Optic Pulse and Fiber Optic Ethernet outputs
  • Adjustable Time Zone
  • Sleek and small 1U rack mountable
  • Isolated and protected Interfaces
  • Input Power supply can be Customized
  • Cable length can be supplied as per requirement
  • 2×20 LCD with sufficient keys and Status LED
  • Battery backup provided for the time update
  • Alarm Contact provided for the annunciation
  • All weather proof Antenna


  • Event Loggers
  • Disturbance Recorders
  • Electronic tri-vector meters
  • Phasor measurement unit
  • SCADA servers
  • Numeric Relays
  • Slave clocks
  • Servers of EMS
  • Electronics Instruments


Power Supply
Standard 85 to 260V AC, 1φ, (47Hz to 63Hz)
or 90V to 370V DC
Custom 36V to 72V DC (48V), 18V to 36V DC (24V)
Power Consumption <15W
GPS Receiver & Antenna
Configuration Single Antenna
Dual Antenna*
Timing Accuracy < 20nS RMS Accuracy
Output Impedance 50Ω
Frequency 1575.42 ±1.023MHz
Environmental All weather proof Antenna, IP67
Satellite tracking 12 Channels, C/A code
Coverage 360°Azimuth, 0°- 90°Elevation
User Interface
LCD Display 2×20 Alphanumeric
Keypad UP, Down & Enter
Alarm PFC contact for GPS Fail, Power Fail*
Configuration port 10/100Mbps Ethernet
Operating Temp 0°to 50°C
Humidity 95% Non-Condensing
Enclosure 1U, 19” Rack Mountable
Dimension 45mm (H) x 484mm (W) x 272mm (D) +5mm
Weight <5Kg
Protection Class IP20
Event Output (Pulse Output)
Reference PPS 0V to 5V DC, TTL signal
User Configurable Pulse output* PFC, 250V AC/DC, 0.2A
Connector Pluggable Terminal Block
Number of Output 4Nos Max
IRIG-B Output*
Amplitude Modulation (AM) Carrier : 1kHz
Format : User Selectable
Modulation Ratio : 3:1
Unloaded Voltage : 0-5V (p-p)
Loaded Voltage : 0-3V (p-p) 150 ohm
Accuracy : <3 us to PPS
Maximum Distance : 3km
Pulse Width Modulation (PWM/ TTL) Logic 0 : 0V +250mV
Logic 1 : 5V +250mV
Format : User Selectable
Accuracy : <200ns to PPS
Rise Time : <15ns
Maximum Distance : 50m
Number of Output 5Nos Max
Connector BNC,75Ω, Female
Ethernet Output
Protocol NTP, SNTP, SNMP* & PTP*
Speed 10/100MBps, 10/100/1000MBps*
Connector RJ45
Distance 100m max without switch.
Number of port 1 x 10/100MBps
Max 4 x 10/100MBps*
Max 2 x 10/100/1000Mbps*
RS232 Output
Output1 Proprietary String
Output2 MODBUS, NMEA and standard formats
Distance 15m
Connector DB9, Female
RS485 Output
Output1 Proprietary String
Output2* Modbus, NMEA and standard formats
Distance 1200m
Connector Pluggable Terminal Block
Fiber Optic Output*
TTL on FO (Pulse/IRIG-B TTL) Transmission : Simplex
No of output : 2No Max
Mode : Multimode
Connector : SC/ST
Wavelength : 820nm
Distance : 1500m
Ethernet On FO Transmission : Duplex
No of output : 1No Max
Mode : Multimode/Singlemode
Connector : SC/ST
Wavelength : 1310nm
Distance : 2000m (Multimode) / 20km (Singlemode)
Frequency Output*
E1 Clock 2.048MHz, HDB3 Coding
Number of Output 1No Max
Connector BNC/75Ω, Pluggable Terminal/120Ω
Note: * Optional