Online Vibration Monitoring: The Digitalization Platform towards Industry 4.0

What is 24/7 Online Vibration Monitoring?

Online Vibration monitoring is an effective condition monitoring tool where the sensors are mounted on the bearing points of the asset permanently and are configured to collect vibration data on a real-time basis. It can be programmed to provide alerts or alarms to users in case of any breach of the preset threshold values. The Manual/offline vibration analyzers are used for regular/periodic vibration data collection and the collected data indicates machine health in the current situation. The challenge with manual/offline data collection is that critical and large-size equipment health condition continuously evolves. To monitor that condition, vibration spectrum analysis and diagnostic studies need to take place continuously on a 24/7 basis. By leveraging smart sensors and wireless connectivity, online condition monitoring systems make it possible to perform vibration analysis safely, continuously, and economically.

Why are Industries required to use Online Vibration Monitoring?

Industries around the globe have faced increasing shortages of experienced personnel with monitoring and maintaining equipment health effectively. This leads to unplanned machine failures and production downtime resulting in millions of dollars in losses annually. Online vibration monitoring primarily starts with critical assets, the expensive equipment that would contribute to substantial maintenance expenses, and production losses in the event of a bearing failure. Online continuous vibration monitoring will be the essential tool to eliminate sudden breakdowns as it alerts the maintenance personnel of any minor defects at the very early stage providing enough time to perform corrective measures so as to eliminate the breakdown.  In industries, asset-wide online condition monitoring not only improves machine uptime, high productivity, efficiency, and reliability, it also reduces life cycle costs! With affordable investments, industries can extend their machine protection system to include a powerful online vibration monitoring module.

Advantages of  Online Vibration Monitoring System

Online vibration monitoring systems provide the platform for industries to transform digitally and migrate to a modern interface for condition monitoring. New technology brings cloud-based data from online sensors and software analytics directly to both the key personnel inside the industry and any expert outside around the globe to monitor and help them more quickly identify the problem and address a wide range of common equipment faults before they impact plant availability. The advantages of an online monitoring System are listed below.

  • Easy to monitor remote/inaccessible/large machines
  • Effortless setup and easy installations
  • Advanced industry-leading vibration measurement technology
  • Intelligent AI&ML data-driven decision-making alerts and alarms
  • Easy integration and trouble-free use
  • Eliminates breakdown failures and production stoppages.
  • Wireless technology for cost-effectiveness, safety, and convenience

Architecture for  Online Vibration Monitoring System

Online Sensor systems available can be powered through an external DC Power supply system or may have an inbuilt battery.  The vibration data can be collected either in 24 x 7 mode or at scheduled collection timing configurations. The collected data from the sensor is transferred to the web application through a gateway. The software trends the live data received from the sensor and triggers alert messages when the vibration levels exceed the preset threshold values.

online vibration monitoring systemFeatures of Online Vibration Monitoring System

Simple to setup, Easy to monitor

Online vibration monitoring systems can be installed in any location, including inaccessible or hazardous locations. commissioning is in under an hour and starts viewing data in software within minutes after connection.

Intelligent Decision Making – Derived Solutions

Online vibration monitoring can help predict when a failure will occur and alert maintenance to prevent an unexpected shutdown. When personnel receives alerts/SMS via wireless, they can more simply make the right decisions because they have the information at their fingertips. In addition, wireless technology is an enabler to help focus personnel’s attention on the most important tasks to enable efficiency. Solutions have offered alerts delivered as intuitive health values that many plant personnel can quickly interpret.

Early detection of potential failures

Online vibration monitoring provides continuous data and in the event of a breach in vibration threshold limits, the data can predict potential failure factors including imbalance, misalignment, looseness, etc.

Improved safety

Vibration monitoring on field equipment is crucial because it can indicate bearing wear, insufficient lubrication, and other potentially hazardous machine problems. However, because safety is the first concern at industrial plants, deputing personnel for route-based monitoring into places where a possible safety hazard may emerge is out of the equation, and monitoring though may continue. Continuous vibration monitoring will enable remote monitoring resulting in uninterrupted operations and assuring the safety of the personnel by eliminating the need to get closer to the machine.

Cost reduction

Assets that are monitored using wireless continuous vibration sensors can significantly impact the maintenance cost in the plant. Industries find that reduces maintenance costs are evidenced if the maintenance activities are scheduled rather than unscheduled downtime. Return on investment is easily calculated by the number of failure hours saved with respect to production loss and its commercial impact of it.

Online Vibration Monitoring – The simple platform for Digital transformation in Plant Maintenance

In today’s industrial environment, The Management, Maintenance team, and OEMs are looking for any tool that can increase plant availability. Online vibration monitoring is an essential tool for predictive maintenance (PdM), allowing asset owners to enhance production, reduce downtime, and increase worker safety. Organizations may reap the benefits of online condition monitoring at a low cost by using cost-effective solutions.

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