Multifunction Meter 1010

Multifunction Meter 1010

Multifunction meter is specifically designed and made for the electrical monitoring requirement of power distribution system. MFM 1010 is a high-precision instrument that measures all the common electrical parameters including three-phase voltage, three-phase current, active power, reactive power, frequency, power factor and four-quadrant energy. Long-life LEDs display the instrument measuring parameters and operation information of network system. It has RS485 communication interface that works on MODBUS RTU communication protocol; It has four programmable keys for setting of instrument parameters with great flexibility.

MFM 101 has extended function modules for choosing. Four-channel analog quantity (0 -20mA/4-20mA) output can realize the transmitting of electrical parameters as current, four-channel Digital input and four-channel Digital output to realize local or long-range Digital signal monitoring and control output function.

Multifunction meter is widely used in energy management systems, supply and distribution network automation, district power control and complete sets of switchgear. It has the advantages of convenient installation and maintenance, simple wiring, limited and programmable input parameters and capable of interfacing with different PLCs, industry controlled computer communications software.


  • Voltage VR, VY, VB, Total Voltage
  • Current IR, IY, IB, Total Current
  • Active Power R/Y/B and Total
  • Apparent Power R/Y/B and Total
  • Reactive Power R/Y/B and Total
  • Power Factor R/Y/B and Total
  • Frequency
  • Active Energy Import & Export
  • Reactive Energy Import & Export
  • Apparent Energy


Technical parameters Index
Input Network Three-phase three-wire, three-phase four-wire
Voltage Rated value AC 57.7V, 100V, 220V, 380V
Over load Consistency: 1.2 times instantaneous: 2 times/30s
Power consumption  < 0.5VA(each phase)
Impedance > 500k ohm
current Rated value AC 1A, 5A
Power consumption Consistency: 1.2 times instantaneous: 2 times/30s
Impedance <20m ohm (each phase)
Frequency 45-65Hz
OUTPUT Electric
Output mode Two-channel open-collector optical coupling pulse output
pulse constant Active 10000imp/kwh
Reactive 10000imp/kvarh
Start On the condition of rated voltage,
Reference frequency and
COSj=1.0, when load operational
Current is 0.001in, it can start and
Measure the electrical quantity
Creep When exerting 115% rated voltage and
No current in the current circuitry, the
Instrument is with no electrical quantity
Accumulation and pulse output.
communication Output mode  RS485
Baud rate 1200, 2400,4800, 9600
Channel quantity Four
Output mode 0-20mA,4-20mA Programmable
Load ability  ≤300ῼ
Channel quantity Four
Output mode Normally Open Relay contact output
Contact rating AC 250V/1A
Switching Value Input Four dry contact input mode
Display mode LED display
Voltage current ±(0.5%FS+1digit)
Active power, Reactive power Apparent power ±(0.5%FS+1digit)
Frequency ±0.1Hz
Power factor ±0.01PF
Active electric energy ±0.5%
Reactive electric energy ±0.2%
Scope AC/DC 85~264V
Power consumption <5VA
Safety Withstand
Input and power supply >1kV50Hz/1min
Input and output >1kV50Hz/1min
Output and power supply >1kV50Hz/1min
insulating resistance Any two of input, output, power supply, casing>20Mῼ
Environment Temperature Operation: -10~50ºC
Storage: -25~70ºC
Humidity ≤85%RH, free of wet and gas corruption
Elevation ≤3000m
Shape 96 X 96