The Meter Test Equipment is used to calibrate & test the accuracy of the Three-phase & Single-phase energy meters. Similarly, it's compatible to test electricity meters, both static and electro-mechanical. Our portable test equipment allows you to test accuracy under actual load conditions, taking into account harmonics, imbalances, and extreme power factors. The accuracy of our Reference Standard is class 0.05/0.1/0.2.

Our meter test equipment is a user-friendly and innovative device for energy meter calibration, built on the current technologies - Bluetooth & Android. The metrology sub-unit measures and communicates the parameters to an Android Tab via Bluetooth. All user interfaces - textual, graphical, and data entry are made available on the Android application, with innovative features. Being a portable device measuring the voltages and currents from the metering panel, the product ensures the safety of the test personnel by making use of wireless communication between the equipment - which is connected to the High Voltage- and the user interface - Tab.

The reference standard meter supports various current modes for checking energy meter error. The high accuracy (0.05) mode operates for direct current up to 10A. The clamp on CT mode accuracy is 0.2 class. It can also be used to determine the current transformer ratio when tested simultaneously on the primary and secondary sides. It also supports Flexible Current Probe for very high currents like 1000A and 2000A.


  • Bluetooth wireless colour display (TAB) with touch input
  • Data transfer to PC through Bluetooth or USB
  • External wireless (Bluetooth) printer for on-site printing
  • Smart App (Android) to operate the TPRS
  • Storage of 8000 test results with search facility
  • Primary calibration LED (kWh and KVArh)
  • Software diagnostic feature


TPRS-1107-H TPRS-1107-L TPRS-1107-LH
Applications HT Meters LT-CT operated meters HT Meters
LT-Whole current meters LT-CT operated meters
LT-Whole current meters
Direct Mode
Current 10mA-10A 10mA-10A 10mA-10A
Accuracy 0.2S / 0.2 0.2S / 0.2 0.2S / 0.2
Clamp-on Mode/Primary current Measurement
Current NA 500mA-100A* 500mA-100A*
Accuracy 0.5S / 0.5 /0.2S/0.2 0.5S / 0.5 / 0.2S / 0.2
Secondary Current Measurement
Current NA NA NA
Display Resolution & Parameters
Volage 0.01 V
Current 0.0001 A
Power Factor 0.001
Frequency 0.001 Hz
Energy 0.00001 Wh
Error Percentage 0.00%
To analyse the waveform distortion
To identify cases of CT saturation
Available for both Voltage and Current channels
Voltage and Current Harmonic Distortion
Analysis upto 21 st Harmonic
Instantaneous Measurement
Simultaneous display of all Instantaneous parameters
Phase-wise - Voltage, Current, Active & Reactive Current and Power Factor
Phase wise active, Reactive and Apparent Power
Average Power Factor and Frequency
Phase to Phase Voltage and Angle
Dimension 275 x 210 x 110 mm (not exceeding)
Enclosure ABS FR (V-O) (High Strength Moulded)
Operating Temp -10 to 50 Deg C
Storage Temp -25 to 70 Deg C
Rel. Humidity 95% non-condensing
Phasor diagram to visualise the phase sequence and lead/lag conditions
Identification of CT reversal, Phase Sequence reversal, CT / PT interchange, Low Power factor
IEC 60687
IS 14697


  • High current range clamp-on CT with cable
  • Low current range clamp-on CT with cable
  • Cable for ring CT
  • Cable for field & laboratory use
  • Scanner with stand
  • Snap switch for manual operation
  • Communication cable for downloading
  • Base computer software
  • Portable Printer optional
  • Optical probe for DLMS Dial Test