Mega Watt Large Display Indicator

Mega Watt Large Display Indicator

Large display indicator measures and displays the Mega Watt from inputs like 63.5VAC, 4-20mA and data received from other equipment. It meets high accuracy of 0.1% to measure Mega Watt. The large display is for clear visibility of the Mega Watt reading from long distance. It is equipped with high bright red color 7segment displays. These are commonly used in Power plants, Substations, Manufacturing units and Field environments to provide direct Mega Watt measurements.


  • High Bright 7 segment Display to view from long distance
  • It Measures Mega Watt from 63.5V AC or 4-20mA current or signal received through Ethernet or RS485/RS232
  • Measures the Mega Watt with accuracy of 0.1%
  • Available in 50mm, 100mm,144mm& 300mm sizes
  • Input power supply can be customized
  • 10/100Mbps is the speed for Ethernet input
  • Power Over Ethernet option available
  • Wireless display option available with limited range
  • Rugged and Robust display
  • Isolated and protected Interfaces
  • Cabinets made up of MS/SS/Aluminium
  • Cabinet with powder coat finish
  • Wall / Panel / Table top mountable
  • Protection class from IP 20 / IP 55 available
  • Front plate covered with Red color acrylic sheet


  • Power Plants
  • Substations
  • Industries
  • Educational institutions


Power Supply
Standard 100V to 270V AC, 1φ, (47Hz to 63Hz)
or 100V to 370V DC
Custom 36V to 72V DC (48V), 18V to 36V DC (24V)
Power Consumption <10W
Display Type 7 Segment Display
No of Digit 6 Digit
Format XXXX.XX
Display Size 50mm/100mm/144mm/300mm
Color Bright Red
Input Signal
Voltage Input* Voltage : 63.5V AC
Value : Based on customer specified value
Connector : Pluggable Terminal block
Current Input* Current : 4-20mA or 0-20mA
Value : Based on customer specified value
Connector : Pluggable Terminal block
Ethernet Input* Packet : Customer should specified
Connector : RJ45
Speed : 10/100Mbps
RS485/RS232 Input* Based on customer specified protocol, Baudrate, databit, stopbit & parity
Connector : Pluggable Terminal / DB9
Wireless Input* Input : Wireless Antenna
SANDS Wireless transmitter must be used
Operating Temp 0°to 50°C
Humidity 95% Non-Condensing
Enclosure Wall/Panel/Table Top Mountable
Dimension 50mm Display – 484mm x 74mm x 100mm
100mm Display – 750mm x 56mm x 170mm
144mm Display – 922mm x 56mm x 212mm
300mm Display – 1620mm x 56mm x 360mm
Protection Class IP20, IP55*
Note: * Optional