Machine Condition Monitoring System is a permanently-installed technology that uses unique sensor technology, wireless data delivery, and advanced analytics to continuously monitor all rotary machinery equipment like motors, pumps, fans, blowers, turbines, etc. With the increasing availability of low-cost and effective sensors and wireless technology, today’s plants have the opportunity to dramatically improve overall operational performance if they can leverage and enhance the existing sensing capabilities within their operations.


While sensors have traditionally been used to control large industrial facilities, they also can serve as a natural source of data for driving operational excellence in key areas such as asset reliability, energy management, and environmental compliance. All that’s needed is the right strategy.

Industrial environments remain some of the most challenging and hazardous environments in the world, requiring a scalable, resilient and flexible Wi-Fi solution that can withstand extreme conditions in remote locations while helping ensure the safety of workers on site. The new wireless access point supports mobile applications that offer instant access to process control data, maintenance information, and operation procedures, enabling improved plant productivity and worker safety.

Among these solutions would be a Real-Time Machine Condition Monitoring System. As potential failures can be identified early on, planning becomes more proactive and controlled. In addition, because there is less downtime, there is also a more efficient use of time and labour resources, leading to better throughput overall.


Machine Condition Monitoring System is a permanently-installed technology that uses unique sensor technology, wireless data delivery, and advanced analytics to continuously monitor all rotary machinery equipment like motors, pumps, fans, blowers, turbines, etc.



Artificial intelligence (AI), when applied to real-time vibration analysis, is useful not only for non-specialist users but for experts as well. First, it helps avoid analyzing signals from healthy machines or from those whose defects are obvious. Experts can thus monitor a larger group of machines and devote more time to more complex cases to limit the risk of error in the analysis. Secondly, it provides a reliable and easily understandable diagnosis allowing non-specialists to be autonomous in their decision-making, and here again, experts will save time as they are not asked for help at all times.

Advanced diagnostics gives the machine health condition based on the ISO10816-3 limits. It will alert significant maintenance managers to anticipate machine health conditions as good, marginal, or critical. Once the equipment crosses normal vibration limits, analytical software will automatically analyze the frequency spectrum data and shows the probable machine failures.

Industrial IoT-based advanced diagnostics will predict machine failure advance and improve machine RUL.


Using AI advanced diagnostics will greatly benefit any industrial process plant including:

  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Power Generation / Renewable
  • Energy Water Utilities
  • Chemical Processing
  • Food Processing


How does a Machine Condition Monitoring System Benefit in Avoiding Unplanned Downtime?

Here are 3 things to consider to Avoid Unplanned downtime:

1. Failure Prevention

Can you afford failure? How long can you run with a line or machine down?

The first category to evaluate is the potential for failure (P-F interval). Specifically, whether a periodic analysis or routine inspection will be able to detect upcoming failures. However, this is making a potentially dangerous assumption that mechanical failures will take longer than 3 months to be seen and cause catastrophic failure. Evaluation of critical parts and factoring them into your process assessment is a great start.

2. Cost Reduction

Evaluating the cost reductions that a machine condition monitoring system can provide. Repairs at precise predetermined asset conditions, allowed by continuous monitoring, can decrease parts cost, increase and maximize the use of consumables, and lessen required downtime in the future by maximizing component lifespan. Doing so makes the most out of current assets, getting the most performance out of machinery before you need to replace them. In the long run, you get to maximize the costs invested in the installations.

3. Increased Intelligence

Increased data from a continuous machine condition monitoring system allows for data-driven decisions in planning maintenance and predicting the real lifetime of components in the system by analyzing data and trends. This way, there is definitive data that can pinpoint: when, where, and how a particular issue occurred; and can therefore be managed in the future.

In Summary :

All in all, a machine condition monitoring system can help you reduce costs, proactively determine and fix issues, maximize machine uptime, and increase intelligence for data-driven decision-making. If you operate within the mining, oil and gas, water utilities, manufacturing, or power generation industries, don’t wait until proactive downtime. Your operations could greatly benefit from this approach. Besides, it’s better for your throughput and can potentially save you a lot of money in the long run.

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