IRIG B Booster



IRIG B Booster – SIB-1010 is used to boost the IRIG-B AM and PWM/TTL signal which is received from the GPS unit. It provides easy and affordable connectivity to substation equipment and power generation and distribution equipment. With this Plug-N-Play unit, you can expand your IRIG B connections to multiple devices instantly. It is rugged and surge-protected equipment. Its cabinet can be mounted directly on a wall, panel or DIN Rail, without the need for additional brackets. It has an inbuilt power supply module, therefore, doing away the need for an external power adapter. It consists of 2 BNC connectors for IRIG B AM and IRIG B PWM inputs and 10 BNC connectors for IRIG-B outputs. There is a LED indication for Power, AM & PWM outputs. The power supply can be customized when ordering


  • Boosts the IRIG-B AM & PWM signal received from GPS
  • Industrial grade enclosed in a rugged, rustless housing
  • DIN-Rail or wall mounting
  • AM signal amplitude can be adjustable upto 7V
  • LED indications for Power, AM and PWM
  • The supply voltage can be customized
  • Built-in surge protection, static protection and circuit protection
  • Maximum of 10 outputs can be taken
  • Either IRIG-B AM or PWM or Both AM & PWM can be boosted


  • Substation
  • Power Generation and Distribution plant


Power Supply
85 to 260V AC, 1φ, (47Hz to 63Hz) or 90V to 370V DC
Custom 36V to 72V DC (48V), 18V to 36V DC (24V)
Power Consumption <10W
Input Signal
IRIG-B (AM) Carrier: 1kHz Modulation Ratio: 3:1 Recommended Vin : 1V-7V (p-p)
IRIG-B (PWM/TTL) Logic 0 : 0V +250mV Logic 1 : 3V to 5V +10%
Connector BNC, Female
Note: Either AM or PWM or Both AM & PWM can be the input
User Interface
Status LED AM, PWM & PWR
Operating Temp 0°to 50°C
Humidity 95% Non-Condensing
Enclosure DIN Rail Mountable
Dimension 70mm (H) x 190mm (W) x 200mm (D) +5mm
Weight <1.5Kg
Protection Class IP20
IRIG-B Output
Amplitude Modulation (AM) Carrier: 1kHz Unloaded Voltage: 0-5V (Adjustable upto 7V) Maximum Distance : 3km
Pulse Width Modulation (PWM/ TTL) Logic 0 : 0V +250mV Logic 1 : 5V +250mV Rise Time : <15ns Maximum Distance: 50m
Number of Output 10Nos Max
Connector BNC,75Ω, Female

All 10 outputs are AM for AM booster type

All 10 outputs are PWM/TTL for PWM booster type

Only 5 outputs are AM and 5 outputs are PWM for COMBO booster type


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