High Voltage Online (Live Wire) Testing Solution provides the ratio error of the CT/PT Kit, without going for a shut down of the industry. HV Live wire screening method is easy and time-efficient. Besides the waveform & harmonics analysis, CT saturation error or any other error can be identified easily.

Challenges With Existing Testing System
  • Industries are reluctant & resistive to outages/shutdowns, as it affects their operations for the duration of the test.
  • In many cases HV Consumers’ CTPT is tested only once in their lifetime, at the time of installation, when its guaranteed to be healthy. Over the period of time either tampering/ageing may cause CTs to deteriorate which affects the revenue of Periodic annual testing of CT’s tend to be compromised due to the inconveniences that it involves.
  • Distribution Utility needs to put in a lot of background work- documentation, follow-ups & arrangements for such 11kV/33kV CTPT Testing, because the industry needs to give its concurrence for a shutdown.
  • Offline/with-outage CT/PT Testing may take 2 to 5 hours or more in certain cases, which results in loss of  Revenue & man-hours of Distribution Utility as well as Industries.

Live wire testing addresses all the above challenges of the existing system.

HV Consumers CT/PT Testing is carried out Online/Live Wire without shutdown of the industry. It will certify healthiness and find out irregularities if any at the consumer end.

  • SANDS Live Wire Test kit can conduct testing up to 40KV consumers.
  • Smart Wireless Display to operate equipment and perform the test safely.
  • We provide protection/safety gears such as Boots (22kV isolation), HV Testing Suit, Gloves (33kV isolation) along with the product.
  • Insulation rating of Hot Stick is 100kV/foot.
HV & IR Standards
  • Boot: ASTM F116
  • Suit: NFPA 70E
  • Glove: EN 60903 – IEC 60903:2014
  • Hot Stick: ASTM F1826-00
  • TPRS Accuracy: IEC 60687, IS 12346, IS 14697
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