GPS Slave Clock

GPS Slave Clock

The large display is equipped with an accurate quartz clock which synchronizes with Time signals like NTP, IRIG-B and RS485/RS232. The display is wall / panel / table top mountable. The cabinet is made up of Mild Steel or Aluminium or Stainless steel as per customer requirements. The Display can show either UTC time or local time.

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  • High bright 7 segment LED displays to show GPS Time
  • 5 x 7 Dot Matrix LED displays day of the week
  • Accepts Time Signals like NTP, IRIG-B and RS485/RS232
  • Available in 50mm, 100mm, 144mm & 300mm sizes
  • Time updates with high stability oscillators option available
  • Input power supply can be customized
  • 10/100MBps NTP & SNTP Ethernet for time input
  • Power Over Ethernet option available
  • Display running with battery backup option available
  • Wireless display option available
  • It can show either UTC or Local time
  • Adjustable Time Zone, DST, 12/24Hrs in Ethernet Display
  • Rugged and Robust displays
  • Isolated and protected Interfaces.
  • Battery backup provided for the time update
  • Cabinets made up of MS/SS/Aluminium
  • Cabinet ispowder coat finished
  • Wall / Panel / Table top mountable
  • Protection class from IP 20 / IP 55 available
  • Time signal Input status and GPS lock Status can be identified with colon LEDs
  • Front plate covered with Red color acrylic sheet


  • Power Plant
  • Substation
  • Airport
  • Railway station
  • Bus stand
  • Industries
  • Hospital
  • Collages & Schools
  • Malls


Power Supply
Standard 85 to 260V AC, 1φ, (47Hz to 63Hz)
or 90V to 370V DC
Custom 36V to 72V DC (48V), 18V to 36V DC (24V)
Power Consumption <10W
Note: Power Over Ethernet available for Ethernet display*
Display Type 7 Segment & 5×7 DOT Matrix Display
No of Digit 6 Digit or 8 Digit***
Time Display HH:MM:SS
Date Display* DD:MM:YY or DD:MM:YYYY***
Day Display* First 3 Characters. Ex: SUN .. SAT
Display Size 50mm/100mm/144mm/300mm
Color Bright Red
Input Signal
RS485/RS422 Input String : Proprietary or NMEA**
Connector : Pluggable Terminal block
NTP/SNTP Input* COM Method : Unicast
Connector : RJ45
Speed : 10/100Mbps
IRIG-B* Carrier : 1kHz
Modulation Ratio : 3:1
Recommended Vin   : 1V-7V (p-p)
Connector : BNC Female
RS232* String : Proprietary or NMEA**
Connector : DB9 Female
Note: RF based Wireless slave clock will receive signal from another unit which has Wireless Transmitter and GPS Antenna*
Operating Temp 0°to 50°C
Humidity 95% Non-Condensing
Enclosure Wall/Panel/Table Top Mountable
Protection Class IP20, IP55*

Battery backup provided for RTC/TCXO may be used to meet high stability during free running mode*.
Contact SANDS for actual dimension of the each model.

* Optional
** GPZDA & GPGGA combined string

*** Only for Date display