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DLMS Meter reading App

The DLMS meter reading application runs on Android mobile devices. It is an effective and efficient meter reading solution for DLMS meters (IEC-62056) & Smart meters (IS-16444). This application supports reading and Real-time viewing of field meter profiles, data view, programming the meter, smart meters connect/disconnect. This is also a solution to address the last mile connectivity issues- where the AMR and AMI networks failed due to network problems.

Login Screen

Meter Selection

Instant Profile

Phasor View

Billing Profile

Billing Profile

Block load profile

Tamper profile


  • The communication between the meter and mobile device is bi-directional, through USB optical probe + OTG cable.
  • The application collects the meter data based on user input and stores the data in the device’s memory.
  • Mobile to cloud server communication for uploading / downloading the data is through secured web services (HTTP, FTP).
  • Mobile to local server communication for uploading / downloading the data is through USB data cable
  • Based on the solution package chosen by the customer the relevant features would be available. Please take a moment to fill the form for the desired package


  • SANDS DLMS meter reading application is an effective solution for reading, configuring, and controlling the DLMS meters.
  • Simple and user-friendly GUI.
  • Supports all leading meter manufacturers DLMS meters (Tested with 30 makes of both single-phase and three-phase meters).
  • Real-time data profile view, using compact BCS supports both graphical and tabular report formats.
  • On-field instantaneous analysis using compact BCS supports the following profiles, by selecting the data files from internal/external storage
    * Nameplate and programmable
    * Instantaneous data and phasor view
    * Billing (Present and history data with TOD values)
    * Load survey (Tabular and Graphical view)
    * Tamper events
    * Transactions
  • Secured server communication for
    * License registration and version updates.
    * Login authentication.
    * Data dumping to MDAS / MDM servers
    * Downloading/uploading of meter, customer information for smart meter connects / disconnect features.
  • Compatible with the following Android Versions
    * Android V6.0 ( Marshmallow )
    * Android V7.0 ( Nougat )
    * Android V8.0 ( Oreo )
    * Android V9.0 (Pie)
    * Android V10.0 (Q)
  • Protocols Supported for data upload/download
    * TCP/IP, HTTP , HTTPS , FTP, MQTT( Optional )
  • Data formats supported
    * JSON, TXT, CSV
  • GPS locations of meters recorded automatically while reading the meters (Optional)
  • Compliant to IS-15959 / IEC-62056 – Part 1, Part 2 standard.
  • Supports both online and offline mode (Poor network connectivity and network unavailable instances) – data shall be stored in the device memory, user can upload the offline data when network connection resumes.
  • Hardware for communication – Universal optical cable with USB, OTG port setup shall be provided.