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Smart Clamp Meter

A smart clamp meter is an AC current sensing intelligent instrument that can measure up to 3000A, available for both Single Phase and Three Phase applications. The Smart clamp meter can display AC Current RMS, AC Current waveform, Total Harmonic Distortion(THD) and individual harmonic distortion values upto 21st harmonic. Smart clamp meter sends the current data to any Smart Phone or Tablet via SANDS Android mobile app. The data can be viewed, logged, and stored in the mobile/tablet. Also, the data can be sent to the cloud for analytics or to compare the behaviour of similar equipment at different locations.

Single Phase Smart Clamp Meter

SANDS - Smart Clamp Meter (Single Phase)

Three Phase Smart Clamp Meter  

SANDS - Smart Clamp Meter (Three Phase)

 Clamp Meter

SIngle Phase / Three phase

mm A
50 50
100 1000
150 3000

Smart clamp meter comes with 3 different sizes of flexible current sensor (Rogowski coils) of diameters 50mm, 100mm & 150 mm, for currents of 500A, 1000A & 3000A respectively. Flexible current sensors are ideal for use when space is limited and can easily fit into tight panels. The Smart clamp meter operates with a rechargeable 9V alkaline battery and can be charged by using any standard mobile charger giving 5V output.


SANDS Smart Clamp Meter
  • Smart clamp meter is a non-intrusive device that measures AC current on any AC line.
  • The accuracy achieved is ±1%.
  • Real-Time viewing of current waveforms on a graphically enriched display
  • Possibility to zoom and observe the waveforms
  • Analyze harmonics and transients at the site due to various loads.
  • A wireless interface gives the user an option to stay at a safe distance from the electrical systems like high voltage points.
  • The App-based data logging tool makes the data instantly accessible on the cloud for analysis and archival.
  • Flexible current sensor that easily fits into any bus bars where space is the limitation
  • The in-built Bluetooth transceiver enables it to communicate with any smart phone
  • Optionally manual selection is also provided, for monitoring wide variations in the current.


SANDS Clamp Meter - View Mode

In the VIEW mode, the user can freeze and analyze the waveform samples for any distortion or any other means of visual check, by simple ‘pinch-to-zoom’ any part of the waveform. Similarly, the user can “pinch-to-zoom” the harmonic bar graphs, displayed with the actual values indicated on the top of the bar.


SANDS Clamp Meter - Log Mode

In the LOG mode, the parameters to be logged – IRMS or Waveforms & Harmonics, can be selected by the checkbox. Waveforms & Harmonics include IRMS + waveforms samples + harmonic components up to 21st harmonic. The periodicity of logging can be selected for 30 seconds or 1 minute or 5 minutes, by the checkbox.


SANDS Clamp Meter - History Mode

In the HISTORY mode, the stored records can be viewed. The records are displayed as they appeared in the view page at the time of record snap-shot, with all the real-time parameters – RMS, THD, waveform, and harmonic distortion bar-graph, with the date and time stamp. The history screen is a mimic of the actual screen during logging.


Resolution ±1%
Type of signal measured Sinusoidal
Position of the conductor in the coil Centre for better accuracy
Sensor Diameter 150 mm (standard)
Sensor Length 510mm
Power supply 9V Hi-Watt Alkaline battery
Dimension 118mm x 78mm x 33mm
Phase Shift <1deg
Load impedance >1Mohms
Battery life 120 hrs
Approximately 720 10-minute measurements
Unit current consumption Max.40mA
Battery indications Flashing Red LED
LED Indications Power ON: Red
Low Battery: Red
Bluetooth COM: Blue blinking