Automatic Meter Reading Unit

Automatic Meter Reading Unit

SANDS GPRS Modem enables effective surveillance and remote metering of all parameters of energy consumption at the consumer’s end, It is particularly useful for industrial and high-value consumers where the accuracy of billing and timely payment are critical. It is important to monitor consumption patterns for such consumers to detect anomalies and report it with Remote Meter Reading System.

GPRS MODEM collects the following data as per configured frequency / On-demand.

  • Complete Meter data stored in the meter.(hourly/daily/ weekly/monthly)
  • Instantaneous parameters, at the time of reading
  • Billing data, present and last 12 months’ historical data
  • Load survey, 30 days/complete no. of days stored
  • Tamper data, Settings/Configuration data


Data transfer in Push Mode

  • By default, GPRS MODEM operates in push mode of data transfer i.e. GPRS MODEM automatically establishes a session with Static IP of MDA Server at DC at a specified time (once in an hour/day/week/month) for the purpose of meter reading through GPRS only. This configuration of the GPRS MODEM can be remotely configured.
  • If GPRS MODEM cannot establish a connection to the Server placed at Datacenter at a specified time, then it retries periodically.

Data transfer in Pull Mode

  • In case the data is required on demand from the Datacenter (Server end), the connection is established from the head-end system to the device.
  • Users have the option to get the meter data available in the memory of intelligent AMR, invoke the Modem to read & upload the meter data.
  • Provision to generate reports of successful automatic meter reading (AMR) calls and unsuccessful AMR calls separately can be provided.
  • Provision for flexible scheduling of meter reading by AMR software automatically on pre-defined hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Provision to read the groups of energy meters in one go from the AMR software and searchable by Meter number, or as a separate group.


  • Compatible with various standard DLMS compliant Meters
  • 3Ph supply with Inbuilt Battery backup for power outage alerts
  • Compatible with all standard 2G/ 3G/4G SIM cards- 4G fall back to 3G, 2G
  • AMR modem can also be configured remotely through SMS commands
  • Program Over The Air (POTA) feature which will reduce manual field visits and also save project time.
  • The modem firmware can be reprogrammed from the server remotely.


  • 32Mbit for data logging
  • Inbuilt three phase VAC power supply, operates also with single phase.
  • Battery for outage notification (Optional)
  • 50–440 VAC
  • 5W Peak
  • Real time clock
  • HW watchdog
  • Metal casing /ABS casing
  • Diagnostic LEDs: Power, Run, Signal, Network, Meter
  • Temperature ranges: –25 to +75 °C –40 to +85 °C (storage)
  • Humidity 5 to 95 % RH
  • RS232, Female DB9 connector.
  • Speed 1200-115200 bits/sec Default-57600, hardware flow control OFF
  • Store & Forward with FTP / Transparent real time
  • Dial-on-demand & Schedule
  • SANDS MDAS real-time data management system with remote configuration GUI.
  • DLMS / COSEM compatible meter data input.
  • MDAS Compatible with Windows OS
  • 3/1.8VSIM Interface
  • Internal SIM card holder
  • Accepts standard SIM card / Micro
  • Conventional console interface (via serial console).
  • SANDS AMR devices can be remote configured and SW updated from SANDS FTP Server.
  • The AMR modem can also be configured remotely through SMS commands


  • Automatic Meter readings (Electricity, Gas, Water meters)
  • Energy Auditing
  • Power Distribution and automatic load control
  • IOT Applications
  • Home automation
  • Tariff Switching and automatic load control
  • Industrial Automation
  • All Generating, Transmission Substation.& Open Access Consumers