SYNTIME GPS Time Synchronizer

GPS Time Server – SYNTIME is a sleek 1U, 19” rack mountable GPS Time Server. It is to synchronize and maintain the timing and frequency requirement of power and process industry equipment.

GPS-DRM-1010 Din Rail Mount


GPS-DRM-1010 Module is a GPS clock in a compact aluminium housing for 35mm DIN rail mounting. The module is easily clipped onto the rail via a clip based on “snap-in” mechanism. It has limited outputs to meet substation and Windmill application.

Redundant Master Clock System

The Master Clock System offer a broad range of time synchronization functionality combined with ease of integration and are suitable for the needs of modern industry and the current servers and network environment in which these systems are used.

Slave Clock

The large display is equipped with a accurate quartz clock which can be synchronized with Time signals like NTP, IRIG-B and RS485/RS232. The display can be wall / panel / table top mountable. The Display can be shown either UTC time or local time.

IRIG-B to NTP/SNTP Converter


Protocol Converters are used in providing Integrated Solutions while connecting up sub-systems using different communication protocol. SANDS manufacturing converters to synchronize substation network system time though Ethernet.

IRIG-B Booster


The IRIG-B Booster is a rugged and surge protected multiplexer equipment. The IRIG-B Booster is used to boost the IRIG-B AM and PWM/TTL signal which is received from the GPS unit. The Booster can be mounted directly on a wall, panel or DIN Rail, without a need of additional brackets. It has inbuilt power supply module, therefore, no need for using external power adapter.

GPS Clock

GPS Clock offers an easy, cost effective solution for accurate, synchronized time displays without expensive, disruptive installation procedures. Because there are no wiring requirements, install times are drastically reduced, and it is ideal for renovation projects, no need to worry about installation work, as well as new construction.