Polaris -A Real-time Bill Audit / Check Meter System installed at the industry, to check the correctness of utility bill, identify peak demand and trace penalty.



Cygnus -An integrated EMS at the unit level/ edge device, to identify energy usage patterns of individual units. Control can be implemented at the end-devices, to reduce peak demand.



Breeze -An EMS engineered for Wind Mills to monitor Reactive Power, Grid / Machine non-availability. Integrates Anemometer data to assess the turbine efficiency.


  • Integrates with standard energy meters.
  • Advance notification for new peak demand. Instant missed call / SMS alerts
  • Can initiate control for peak management with multiple level control
  • Compatible across all platforms-Desktop PCs, Laptops, Tablets & Mobiles
  • Energy-Revenue pattern dashboards
  • Data Visualization and Analytics with energy and bill forecast
  • Benchmarking with your track record
  • Customized dashboards to reflect per unit production
  • Data for health monitoring of electrical equipment
  • Data is secured and mirrored in the cloud


  • Over two decades of industry experience
  • Utility Data Analytics for more than 1 Million consumers
  • One stop shop for all your energy management needs
  • Energy and Harmonic Audit
  • Specialized in Bill Audit
  • Manufacturer of Precision energy measurement instrumentS